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Celebrate Today has been creating hand stamped, personalized jewelry since 2009.

I have made thousands of special pieces for special people. Each item is hand crafted from start to finish in my studio and is completely unique to you. They can often be customized with names, initials or words of your choice.

Browse my selections and find something that is the perfect piece for you or find a wonderful, custom gift.

I hope you have much to celebrate today!


** This site is being redesigned and will have a great new look soon! Meanwhile, you can still order here and the Etsy page is most current at www.etsy.com/shop/CelebrateToday



2009 - 2014 Celebrate Today. Hand Stamped Custom Jewelry Personalized For You. Celebrate Today Jewelry is custom made in sterling silver and gold, personalized as a unique keepsake. All rights reserved.

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